Resolution: GTX 670 + XFX X58i (CH09) incompatibiltity, high CPU load, Windows 7 kernel problems

Resolved mayor frigging problem with Geforce GTX 670 on the XFX X58i (CH09) moterhboard. Everything was super slow, audio, mouse, file access etc. Solution from cronos1013 in this overclockers thread.

Resolution described by cronos1013:

OK for a quick update, I got home and tossed my old HD 5870 back into the machine (along with the new GTX 680) and the thing booted up in an instant…

Anyone happen to have an old crappy non-powered PCIe video card they’d sell me ch

Problem described bycronos1013 :

GTX 680 + XFX X58i (ch09) incompatibility

OK so after finally getting my 680’s, I plugged them in only to find that there is a weird issue with THIS particular match between motherboard and newish Nvidia GPU’s, (580’s and later). In addition there is NO fix from XFX.Here is my friendly XFX response.

As for the problem its likely having to do with the Audio controller within the GTX680, for whatever reason the HDMI audio chip on Nvidia cards causes these boards to hangup, unfortunately BIOS updates have ceased for this model board, which means it may not be fixed. There is odd workaround, if you have a low end cheap video card, and install it in the 2nd or 3rd PCI-E slot in the system, and have the Nvidia card in the primary slot, for some reason it seems to bypass the issue. – Erik

So this eliminates the ability to use this board with triple video cards…guess it’s as good a time as any to upgrade out of my first gen i7 board. But that is at least a few paychecks away so I need to find a cheap video card to toss into my third slot..

My Specifics:


GFX 670 above, ATI below

XFX X58i (CH09), old unsupported crap by horrible manufacturer, has been working well enough until I moved ATI Sapphire Radeon HD 5750 1GB GDDR5 out, moved GeForce® GTX 670 JETSTREAM (2048MB GDDR5) in. Cleaned windows, updated geforce card, removed ATI drivers, disabled unused devices etc, CPU still high (10-90%, almost all kernel times). Problem resolved when ATI moved back in. And I’m happy to report Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is running much faster with GFX 670. Anyway any how, read numerous articles on XFX & XFX X58i (CH09) while resolving this issue, and the Internet conclusion seems to be that my mobo is a failed product shipped with WEIRD PROBLEMS and DOAs, with horrible support (their support web page was 100% unusable when I tried it recently). All in all, not buying XFX again.