8U Rolling Rack for Video/Streaming build


Started on my 8U Rack build with various components ordered from a magnitude of sources.

Vlog from a few days ago, already outdated:

Current idea goes as follows:

  • Gator 8U Rolling Rack for ease of transportation. It actually is 8U according to pictures, some other 8U rollers are only 7U due the roller parts consuming one U.
  • Black Magic SmartView 4K and Intel NUC VESA mounted behind (probably do something with zip ties or similar to secure the NUC well, so it cannot fall out of VESA-mount)
  • Black Magic Web Presenter for 720p down-scaled streaming with Black Magic Teranex Mini Smart Panel for operating switching etc on the Web Presenter
  • Black Magic MicroConverter HDMI-SDI to enable Intel NUC to be displayed on the SmartView
  • Black Magic MicroConverter HDMI-SDI to enable second HDMI camera.

Picture of planned design:



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