Special Milonga Naach – with Natalia Cristofaro and Binoy Milton D’souza

DJ: Mikael Holber
Location: Föreningen Brasil-Sverige

Due to popular demand, Itscoldupnorthdancetango team is stoked to invite Natalia Cristofaro (Argentina/Italy) back to Göteborg for the 3rd time.

During this weekend, Natalia and Binoy would like to share their tango secrets with you, curious dancers of Göteborg. Natalia’s humor, energy, ability to speak with her body, and patience touched us all during her two previous visits.

For more information about Natalia and Binoy, and past performances, see the bio section below.

During this weekend, there will be the a special edition of Milonga Naach on Saturday (11/4). See the program below for more details.

About Natalia
Natalia is a young, professional dancer born in Rosario, Argentina. Besides Tango, she has a background in other forms of dance (contemporary, classical, and modern), aerial acrobatics, circus, belly dance, and theater. She’s also worked as an actress and choreographer. She grew up in a family of artists was heavily influenced by theatre as a child.

Since 2007, she has participated in numerous festivals and shows in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Norway, Vietnam and London as a dancer or choreographer. Some of the prominent festivals included the Festival Internacional de Tango in Medellín, Colombia (dancer); the fifth Festival of Performing Arts (as a choreographer and dancer); the first Encuentro Internacional de Danza de Punta del Diablo, Uruguay (dancer); the second 2nd ”Manizales es tango” festival in Manizales, Colombia (dancer and jury member); VIII Encuentro Metropolitano de Tango de Rosario, Argentina (artistic director); besides tango seminars in several Italian cities (Rome, Salerno, Battipaglia, etc)

In 2011 and 2012, she created the dance theater piece ”Illusiones Perdidas” together with the dancer, Martin Vincente, and presented it in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Argentina. She also performed at the Fashion Week Paris 2012 with the Argentine company Tango ”Mark-2”, and in the show ”Conexion Piazzolla-Ferrer” as a part of the ”y Mundial de Tango Festival Buenos Aires 2012”. In 2013, she was declared by her hometown Rosario as honorary cultural ambassador of Argentina to the world.

She is presently based in Salerno, Italy where teaches regular tango classes. Her students tuse the words warm, funny, and engaging to describe her as a teacher.

About Binoy
I am the curator of the Itscoldupnothdancetango project, which aims to grow the Argentine Tango community in Göteborg.

The project was begun 26 months ago. What I’m most proud of is the number of eager beginners who have attended an Itscoldupnorthdancetango workshop, who have slowly grown into tango addicts. In the process, we have significantly lowered the average age of tango dancers in the community in Göteborg, and introduced a whole new demographic of human beings in Göteborg to this gorgeous dance.



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