Surfing safely over the Tor anonymity network – Part 2: Tor Browser, Georg Koppen

For those interested in online anonymity there are lots of tools available and Tor is one of the most frequently used. How does it work, how do you use it safely, and what are the risks? Is it possible to express your opinions anonymously on the internet today or can well funded actors circumvent the anonymity that Tor provides and find your true identity? What is the current status of the anonymity provided and what is being done to prevent current and future attacks on Tor?
To answer those and other questions regarding Tor we have invited Georg Koppen and Philipp Winter from the Tor Project to join us this evening.

Tor is an overlay network that enables people to use the Internet anonymously. We give a brief overview of how Tor works and then focus on how Tor can be used safely. In particular, we talk about the problem of malicious exit relays, how they can be a problem for Tor users, and how the Tor Project deals with them. Next, we talk about Tor Browser, The Tor Project’s Firefox fork. Tor Browser protects against a number of (deanonymization) attacks that are not prevented by Firefox or Chrome. The goal of this talk is to show how Tor can be used safely for Web surfing and to correct common misunderstandings.
The event is sponsored by TeliaSonera and Mullvad, so we wish to thank them in advance for food, drinks and the venue!
The event will be held in English!
For those that can interpret the swedish language there is currently an interesting episode on SVT, ”Vetenskapens värld” discussing the subject to some degree

Speaker bios

Georg Koppen
Georg got interested in anonymity-related technologies because of the relationship between freedom and surveillance. Between 2009 and 2013 he was employed by the JonDos GmbH working mainly on a hardened browser profile for the JonDonym/AN.ON system.
Since 2013 he works for The Tor Project on the Tor Browser, Torbutton, and Tor’s build automation. He’s also the main developer behind Tor’s effort to create deterministic builds.

Philipp Winter
Works for The Tor Project on research related to malicious exit relays and censorship circumvention. He is the main developer of ScrambleSuit, a polymorphic network traffic obfuscation protocol that’s used by Tor.



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