Slackline in Slottskogen! [Slacklife]

Man skall gå ut med en ryggsäck i väskan ibland. Man vet aldrig vad man kan träffa på!

Saturday the 13th is the time to get people to try out and develop within SLACKLINE! We will offer visitors to try on different types of webbings and also get inspired by the talented slackers who intensely practiced their skills in the last year.

On site there will be approximately 4-6st beginner lines with different characters, two longer, 50 and 80meter and one trickline for more advanced dynamic tricks.

We will not hold in some courses, but will instead help individuals on the spot when they suit you.

Many of the slackers in the park do it with the goal to eventually take their skills to another level and by that I mean in height. The target is Highline, which simply means slackline at high altitude. Thats nothing that will come directly and require there fore a lot of practice and dedication. On site there will be a station where you can practice the technique of getting up on a line that is not at ground level.

In addition to slackline will be many other practitioners who are doing things like AcroYoga, poi, juggling, etc.

So come and visit us at Linnéplatsen, you can not possibly miss us. We promise you a good atmosphere and a visit into the life we proudly call Slacklife!

Soundtrack: A Turn by Marco Trovatello is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Germany License.

Footage captured on BMPCC Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera with a range of vintage c-mounts; Elgeet 3 inch 75mm f/2.9 CINE-TEL, TV-Lens 50mm JAPAN F/1.8, Canon TV-16 25mm f/1.4, Meopta Largor 12.5mm f/1.8



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