SSL für alle – Part 2 of 2 – OWASP Göteborg – November 28th 2013

What is SSL/TLS and HTTPS? What security is it intended to provide? In recent years the SSL/TLS and HTTPS technology has been had numerous alerts on real world, practical crypto attacks, effectively unravelling HTTPS security promises. What are these attacks, why do they work, and how were the attacks combatted in SSL implementations? What cryptos can we trust and how does one implement a good SSL/TLS solution today?

Joachim Strömbergson
Joachim Strömbergson is a security expert at Secworks, a consultancy founded by Joachim. By working as an advisor and educator, providing analysis and implementations Joachim assists his customers in finding the right security for their products and services. SSL and TLS in embedded systems, Internet of Things and SCADA system security are things Joachims battles during day time. On his spare time Joachim implements ciphers and blogs about security at

Peter Magnusson
Peter is a speaker in the Säkerhetspodcasten security podcast ( and has a great interest in applied cryptography and practical cryptographic attacks. Peter works as security consultant at Omegapoint and specialize in application security.

Agenda [ENGLISH]
– ”SSL and SSL attacks”
– ”SSL crypto and Snowden et al”
– ”Implementing SSL according to best practices”



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